Hello 👋

I’m Aaron, a Software Engineer based in New York City. I absolutely love building web applications and learning about exciting new technologies coming out that make building even more fun and engaging. I’m also a big believer in Web3 and the future of crypto.

Aaron Mendez

My Storyline

Throughout my experience I’ve always worked in management about as long as I can remember. I loved working with people and engaging in different sets of tasks. I never shy’d away from a challenge, and love researching technologies and tools to make things like our workflows exponentially more efficient. Nothing gave me more joy than helping others and making sure we were all happy and having fun while working.

However, I found myself time and time again going back home and just using YouTube and Google to learn to code with the few hours I had left in my day after coming home from work. I'll never forget my first 'Hello World' displayed by none other than myself and rendering it on the terminal. I decided last year 2021, that I wouldn’t wait on this feeling any longer and so I made a leap and decided to pursue software development whole heartedly through a coding bootcamp called Bloomtech also known as Lambda School where I would spend the next 6 months vigorously studying and training on modern technologies to build fully scalable and capable web applications.

It was an absolute experience to put it quite frankly and I am ever grateful for the wonderful people and relationships I’ve developed along the way. As of May 2022, I am a certified Full-Stack Web Developer and graduate of Bloomtech Institute of Technology. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m in the room I’ve always been meant to be in, having the conversations I was always meant to have. I’ve never been more inlove in doing what I am doing every single day and can truly say with absolute certainty I found my passion. That's when I knew...

...my journey starts here, but it ends never.

My Interests